Qoba POS for Kenyan Retailers

Qoba, a cloud based software application, has a mobile POS system that serves Kenyan retailers. The mobile POS system is used by the retailer to monitor payments, track inventory, generate reports including financial statements. The system also allows the retailer to view their sales history on the go, as well as know how their retail is performing in real-time.

Qoba’s mobile POS system is designed to be helpful, easy-to-use, and secure. The platform provides merchants with an all in one solution that can be used on any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

With Qoba’s mobile POS system you can:

  • Qoba enables you to keep track of your inventory as well as track sales in real time so that you can easily identify any potential problems with your products or services before they happen. This feature also helps you avoid fraud by allowing you to detect if an item was sold out or not by comparing it against what’s available at stock levels before making any sales.
  • Accept payments from customers at the point of sale (POS), this can be done even using a phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.
  • Receive orders from customers through SMS text messages or email notifications
  • Manage inventory levels by viewing real time inventory levels on a map in real time
  • View customer profiles and their orders in real time allowing you to customize your offers based on each customer’s needs
  • You can also track your sales, track inventory and much more, since Qoba generates reports and financial statements which enable a business owner to make sound decisions for their business.


Qoba offers many other features like inventory management, reporting tools, loyalty programs, make use of the customer relationship management feature, manage your team remotely, generate real-time financial statements, integrate to your M-Pesa paybill or till etc. which makes it an ideal choice for your retail outlet based in Kenya now!

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